Sunday, July 31, 2005

My friend and business partner, Martin had his wedding last night. It was done in a traditional Pakistani way according to his wife's family traditions. Most of the reception was Martin and Sara sitting up on stage on a couch while everyone went up and took photo's with them and talked. The food was middle eastern and good as long as you could get work through all the bones in the meats.

My favorite part was the montage of both groom and brides life up to this point. Another part which was tradition was for the kids to steal Martin's shoe and force him to haggle over a price to buy it back. Then the kids used the shoe money to haggle Martin into drinking some sour milk.

Anyhow, my first muslim wedding experience.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Nothing too new

Yesterday I turned in my application to metro for Dispatch Specialist Trainee. That's basically a 911 operator that also uses the police radio. I'm not sure how much I'd like working there but at least it would be a drastic change from the world of engineering. In a couple of weeks i'll be taking the tests to rank for the position. Time to start studying.
Celeste came over and continued on the mural. she now has just one big wall left to blackline. its also the wall I need to finish sanding and get the chalkboard paint on. I should be able to get that done today.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Another Day of My Life

Today was a typical day for me of late. My sister came over this morning and continued on Donovan's Bedroom mural. It's looking real nice and Donovan really seems to notice the characters on the wall. The mural should be done by the end of this weekend as long as I can find some green chalkboard paint. Seems like all the paint stores have only the Black chalkboard in stock.

After my sister left, and Vanessa came home, I was off to my last day of therapy. I wonder how much therapy sessions cost if you don't have insurance? A normal session consists of high school kids doing an ultrasound and massage and then a physical therapist oversees me doing some excersizes. Seems like somthing that "should" cost around $15.99 but is probably much more.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Shooting Past Apex

Finally got to go shooting up past apex this morning. Tried out my new guns and do really like my colt .357 magnum. The area where "we" go shooting has changed. They put up a fence around the pond-like backdrop you see in the photo above. The fence was easy to bypass and didn't say anything about tresspassing. There were a couple of signs for "no dumping" and "no woodcutting bird sanctuary". The pond was also completely empty. There were some birds and a few jackrabbits around the area.

My little sister Jolene was in town and just started to shoot this past month so she wanted to go out into the desert and shoot because in virginia she's unable to do outdoor shooting. The temperature was a pleasant 90 degrees with a breeze and cloudy shade until about 9am when the sun came out and it got hot-muggy.


Friday, July 08, 2005

Wynn's Rip-off Hotel

Thought I would get another post up since it's been nearly 10 days. I finally got to go see the Wynn hotel on my brother's last night here in vegas. I was dissapointed. It was not so grand or amazing like I had been lead to believe by the hype. Everything was overpriced ($24 for a ferrari ceramic mug, $8 for a rum&coke) for just okay quality and service. None of the employees seemed to smile. Nothing really seemed new or ground breaking to me. The ferrarri's were the best part. However, the showroom was roped off from the gift shop, and the lights shut off.. WTF, can't they at least turn the freak'n lights on so we can see the damn cars?

We watched the water display, while content with the soft-core presentation of the spanish dancer in her thong, the giant bulbous head that sprung forth from the water was greatly out of place and distracted from the overall presentation (sorry fisher). Plus in order to go outside to see the show there was a rip-off 1 drink minimum of Way over-priced alcohol.

We stopped at an overpriced store called Gizmos which had varios techno geek stuff. The store did have a lot of Ipod fad-ware stuff, but otherwise they had a small selection of crappy digicams and novelty junk one would normally get through a mail-order catalogue.

Even the landscaping was dissapointing. The large water wasting waterfalls were built very cubic to give a very non-natural look. The Wynn's real trees were planted in a very repeatable pattern that was very un-natural and made the whole place look hokey. They also had Astroturf out front. Can you fucking believe it, Astroturf? Not even the nice looking synthetic grass that is widely available. The mirage did a way better job landscape wise.

Overall I had the feeling I just watched a very hyped up movie that turned out to be very mediocre, which made it that more dissapointing. I give the Wynn hotel a C- rating.