Monday, February 19, 2007

Barack Obama

So we went to see Obama yesterday. He was almost an hour late to his speech leaving all us poor folk out in the heat and sun. I ended up getting burned. He talked about problems without really giving any solutions except that 10% of healthcare costs can be reduced by fixing administrative red tape and that he would start bringing back all our troops right away. He did mention that blacks and women shouldn't be slaves and be able to vote. The crowd really got behind him on his anti-slavery and pro-equality points.
I can't really tell what kind of watch he's wearing, but I feel that his fingernails should be more trimmed. At least he's not a nervous nail biter.
Now I assumed this was a PDA phone on his belt when I was taking pictures but now that I look at it I'm begining to think it's not a phone but some other electronic device. Any Ideas? Of course Donovan got selected out of the crowd with his stylish mohawk and vampire powerlike charm.
It's hard to tell but that's my hand on the right shaking Obama's as I took a picture at the same time. There was also a rare JayCat sighting in the crowd.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Brad Ward P.E.

It's been 5 Years since I graduated with my B.S in Mechancial Engineering and now I've finally recieved my Liscence and Stamp to practice Mechanical Engineering here in Nevada. Nevada law required that an engineer work in his field full time for 4 years ( 2 of which under a P.E.) after graduating before he was allowed to take the 8 hour exam for licensure. This summer they enacted a change that allows a graduate to take the exam any time after graduating but still requires the 4 years before they get the license. So I was part of the last engineers that had to get licensure the hard way (being out of school for at least 4 years to forget everything).