Monday, October 06, 2008

Donovan's First High Dives

Donovan was at his classmates birthday party yesterday and thouroughly enjoyed himself. Some other kids first jumped off this ledge, then Donovan followed suit and kept jumping.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Donnovan fishing with his grandpa on the coast of Mississippi a few
days before hurricain Gustav rolls in.

Lots of accidents last week

Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 4 - Sea World San Diego

We started our 4th day at Sea World Breakfast with Elmo and Friends. The breakfast was actually pretty decent and buffet style so you can be full for most of the day at the park.

Celestia and I split off from Donovan and Vanessa for a couple hours after breakfast. We hit the Atlantis Roller Coaster/ Boat coaster. Having it front-loaded with both of us left us soaking. The water temporarily broke my cell phone.

Celeste Matrix-esque looking just about to give me the finger for snapping her pic.

Celeste made friends with her fellow caricature artists working sea world. One talented guy gave me a complimentary drawing. Check out his blog at

We met back up together and I was able to get some great Telephoto shots of Vanessa and Donovan coming down the big Atlantis drop.

Donovan got his face painted with a snake.

The snake lasted about 15 minutes before turning Donovan into Commando-D with the help of the bumper rafts he became so fond of over this trip.

Flamingo feeding was entertaining for Donovan.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Donovan's Second Disney Trip (Day 3)

We did the early entry 7am and headed straight to Space Mountain. We had almost no wait and flew through the ride.

I *barely* was able to wedge my legs inside the bar. The ride instructor insisted I must have knees inside, just after take off I released my much pinned knee from the bar.

After the ride a still mostly empty tomorrow land.

We hoped to get into the submarine ride before it got a massive backup. I don't understand the popularity. Must be the little kids (got me on it). We waited over an hour for this one.

Mom's turn to have Donovan take her for a spin.

Donovan could not get enough of Autopia.

Donovan a Goofy took a shot at playing charades of disney movies.

Slow pace hot mid-day sun boat ride into story land. Donovan liked it plenty pointing out Aladdin's city of Agraba.

We actually attempted to get all four of us into 1 teacup. Just not possible. So Vanessa and Donovan got to ride twice in a row while Celeste and I exchanged spots.

The carriage rides were a nice break from the constant marathon.

Bus rides too. Donovan sat up front with the driver.

We tried to get several pics of Donovan and the Disney characters.

This is up waiting for the monorail ride.

Donovan, my intellectual property and legacy?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Donovan's First California Adventures Trip - Day 2

California Adventure Park day two of Theme Park Birthday Marathonmania!

Donovan enjoyed the Micky Mouse Clubhouse stage show with effects.

If you go to California Adventures see the Aladdin show its pretty entertaining and very extensive production.

We all went up in the giant Ferris Wheel. This cage was on a oblique track that rolled us around as the giant wheel spun. Donovan was flung from his seat. Luckily no injuries!

While Vanessa and I held bench space for the parade, Celeste took Donovan up on the Jelly fish ride.

Donovan loved the life size McQueen and TowMater. However, he expressly said that McQueen was fake because of the lines holding up his eyeballs.

This ride was pretty terrifying. No matter how safe you know the ride should be, it's very unsettling to be in a long elevator free fall that shoots you up out of your seat.

We tried to pick up a squished penny at each park for scrap-booking.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Donovan's First Disney Trip - Day 1

We started our visit going to Tom Sawyer isalnd looking for his white brush. Turns out the white brush prize deal only happens in Disney Florida.
Donovan did get to meet Jack Sparrow.
And ultimately he got to find his treasure.
A few thousand steps later we had worked up an appetite from all our spelunking at Sawyer's island.
It got pretty warm in the middle of the day. Perfect time for splash mountain. The Fast Pass process was awesome since Vanessa took the time to research the best way to do Disney.
Saved $10.99 by having my camera with me for all these rides.
Fairly wet.
This was one of Donovan's favorites.
Little time at Thunder Petting Ranch.
Autopia was enjoyed a few times by Donovan.
All these photos are in sequence.
Vanessa, Donovan and Celeste took a dumbo ride.
After a meltdown from Donovan about wanting this light-saber and me telling him no. He finally got it after I found out it was only $5.