Saturday, December 23, 2006

Another HDR image

Just thought I would post another HDR I put together from jpg images I took with my canon Xti while I was in Mississippi. This picture was taken at night (see the stars) and all the lighting is from the house's lights.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Thanksgiving Week in Mississippi

Our trip started out with some emergency on the airplane. The crew asked if their were any nurses or doctors on board. We think a lady up-front was having some kind of heart or panic attack. We were close to landing when this happened.
Donovan adjusted quickly to being at grandpa's house in Mississippi. Thats Donovan with his Grandpa Jack and cousin Mckenzie.Grandpa had aquired a battery powered Jeep for the grandkids to drive around his property. Donovan was getting pretty good with the pedal but not too great on the steering.
Donovan was constantly after Cleo the cat when he found her outside. Luckly the cat was very tolerant and would mostly run away when handled too much.Donovan constantly wanted to go for walks outside. He loved the shrubbery , leaves and trees. I don't know why the Mosquitos didnt bite him up (they certainly ate me alive).His cousins Mckenzie and baby Ely were there only for the first weekend but Donovan maxed out any available play time.Here's Dman and his little cousin ElyTowards the end of the week I cut Donovan's hair. He looks like a little soldier starting boot camp in the woods. This is Vanessa's Dad's house in it's current state. The Bay area where this is located has just a handfull of houses rebuilding where there were hundreds.The park next door to Granpa's house had a fresh coat of paint and wasn't seeing much use at all. There was also a TON of mosquitos that weren't much worried about the DEET I hosed onto myself.This is an example of some of the damaged but not cleared out properties that were to be found around the area.
The bridge across the bay was knocked out. They had just started a free ferry service in lieu of the bridge. We took the ferry accross.
Across the bay there was more of the barely surviving trees with a noticeable lacking of houses.Across the bay they did have a nice new park. Im not sure the purpose of the ball thing im climbing. I think it's just for climbing into/around. I couldn't fit inside the rope area so I tried climbing ontop of it.Donovan was very excited about both plane rides. Im not sure if he understands that he's actually flying up in the air vs the window being like that of a TV. We tried to give him the full flying experience by showing him the window take off/landing.