Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Patio Doors

Got the new patio doors $5,700 for 3 doors installed.  U value of previous doors (single pane aluminum framed) was about 1.3, these new doors a U value of 0.29 meaning they transfer about 22% the heat that the old doors would transfer.  That's big, about $1.50 per door per day in 110°F summer or 30°F winter of energy savings.  Based on degree days cooling (2574°) and heating (2508°F) for Las Vegas, the difference in U value should come out to a savings of $211 per big door per year and $158 for the smaller door.  That's a total of $580 per year giving these doors a 10 year payback from the energy savings (9 years with the tax credit).  In the mean time they look much better, work smoothly, keep down noise, and reduce temperature gradients.  Plus SCREEN DOORS!