Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Made in the USA (not!)

I recently had a debate on shannons blog reguarding the productivity of the usa. The other person claimed that we had the largest GDP (gross domestic product) and therefore the US was more productive than lesser poor nations. My argument is that the productive people in society are usually the poor working class and so is the case on a country to country relationship. That is the poor countries perfrom the productivity that the US reaps the benefits. When looking into GDP I found that services count in the GDP. So while it may appear we have a large GDP, its really only so big because we perform _highly_ overpriced services for one anther here in the us. So that bellagio valet attendant who parked cars contributed an unrealistic $100,000 to our GDP. Same with the pimply teenagers who charge you $7.99 for your upsized combo meal at Jack in the box. A similar meal would cost you pennies in India and probably be more labor intensive to prepare.

I support my argument by identifying where the various belongings I use everyday are laborously created. Here's my list of what I have today.

Cell phone - taiwan
cell phne battery - korea
watch - japan
blue tooth headset - malaysia
ball point pen - japan
shirt - el salvador
shoes - brazil
jeans - bangledesh
underwear - el salvador
pocket knife - USA (ironic only my weapon is USA)
laptop cmputer - malaysia
scisors - china
coffe mug - china
desk fan - china
even my house was created largely by illegal immigrant labor.

how does your list come out? I would bet that 95% of everything you own was produced outside of our country.

its not that americans are productive it's the fact that americans are in control which makes our country rich.


Saturday, November 26, 2005

Poker table poker table

Vanessa's in the final round of a 16 player game of hold'um. I brought my poker table over to bruce's house to assist in the tourney. Hope vanessa wins.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ka tour

So we spent sunday afternoon taking a behind the scenes tour of MGM's Ka stage offered by our local chapter ASME (american society of mechanical engineers). Donovan had quite a bit of energy wanting to play with everything and get vocal. It was quite a chore between vanessa and I to keep him safe and quiet. The stage is quite impressive having a 130 ton movable/rotatable cantilevered platform. Now I want to go see the show. I hear from others that its pretty good. behind me in the photo are the acrobats wheel machines.

after the tour we stopped and had starbucks with marty and sara.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Baby down

My boy is starting to be a real kid. He's starting to get upset when he doesn't get what he wants. This morning he wanted vanessa's new phone and didn't get it so he threw himself into high speed wobbles, crying up a storm. After a bit of crying and never getting the phone he has decided to take a big nap. Grandma had fed him a big breakfast. So he should be ready to go this afternoon as we are taking a behind the scenes tour of th Ka theatres at MGM.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Lonnie hammargrin

We were at lonnie hammargrin's house last weekend. Man that place is huge and a huge mess. Thought this lightswitch was funny.