Monday, September 21, 2009

Donovan's Broken Arm

Last Friday Donovan broke his arm at school. Vanessa took him to urgent care right from school and after checking him out and x-raying his wrist area they let him go with an ace bandage saying his wrist was sprained. Later at midnight he was pale and complaining of his arm hurting, we took him to the 24 hour urgent care and demanded that they x-ray his arm from multiple angles.
Donovan passing out from the pain.

X-rays easily showing the "greenstick" break in the Radius. Even the Ulna was slightly cracked.

Donovan with his purple cast showing me where he fell and broke his arm. He says he fell and then his arm "slipped" out. Donovan also said he could feel the snap in his arm. It still amazes me he could fall in a way to break his arm on that foam sponge ground.