Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 4 - Sea World San Diego

We started our 4th day at Sea World Breakfast with Elmo and Friends. The breakfast was actually pretty decent and buffet style so you can be full for most of the day at the park.

Celestia and I split off from Donovan and Vanessa for a couple hours after breakfast. We hit the Atlantis Roller Coaster/ Boat coaster. Having it front-loaded with both of us left us soaking. The water temporarily broke my cell phone.

Celeste Matrix-esque looking just about to give me the finger for snapping her pic.

Celeste made friends with her fellow caricature artists working sea world. One talented guy gave me a complimentary drawing. Check out his blog at

We met back up together and I was able to get some great Telephoto shots of Vanessa and Donovan coming down the big Atlantis drop.

Donovan got his face painted with a snake.

The snake lasted about 15 minutes before turning Donovan into Commando-D with the help of the bumper rafts he became so fond of over this trip.

Flamingo feeding was entertaining for Donovan.