Wednesday, March 07, 2007

XD40 Sub Compact

Took out my new Springfield XD 40 Cal. out to shoot last Friday with my brother. First time shooting it and it felt great. I like it more than my original Glock. Seems like some guns are just built much more solid than others. The only other gun that felt this solid is my colt python revolver (the one shannon likes to shoot) . In my opinion Springfield has really given Glock a run for their money. It's a better pistol for cheaper that comes with more accessories (Holster, speed loader, mag holster). I'm thinking of getting some night sights put on the gun but fear doing the install myself as I have heard the one bad thing about the XD series of pistols is that the sights are SO hard to remove that many armorers refuse to even try. I'll learn more about swapping sights since I think I'll be making this my regular carry gun soon.