Tuesday, August 21, 2007

GenCon 2007 (Big Man vs Segway)

So while we were at Gencon for Greg's bachelor party part II Brian and I got a chance to go against each other on a segway obstacle course. They had a 250 lb weight limit so with a 200lb verbal weight loss they allowed me on. I was impressed with the segway holding up under almost 2x it's load limit. You can see me just beating Brian by 2 seconds at the end.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Bouche the Bullmastiff (10 weeks old)

So we got our puppy on Friday night. Currently we have him sleeping in a cardboard box but a wire dog crate is in the works. We were working on a name starting with Bishop but we then started calling him Bushi and have mostly settled on calling him Bouche (Boosh) which is french for mouth. I am impressed with this Bullmastiff so far. He's picking up his house training pretty well and starting to come when called. He can eat a ton and will be growing at a super fast pace. He was 25lbs when we picked him up and will probably be over 100lbs in less than 8 months. And when he's 2yrs old he should be settling in at his adult weight of about 150lbs. Donovan likes the dog and knows his name. I can't wait till he can be the one cleaning the poo.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Ron Paul at the Debates

Great image graphically showing strengths of the Republican debaters. Found this on the Las Vegas Ron Paul Meetup.com group.