Thursday, June 30, 2005

New Legware

Got my Robocop leg hooked up. Physical therapy was good today except for using their whirlpool tub where they had me precariously positioned on a highchair with one leg dunked in a tank. It really didn't work that well and the therapist suggested we just use heat packs in the future. I'm impressed by the comfort and functionality of the knee brace.

In other news, my brother Aaron is comming into town tonight and will be staying at my place for a week.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Big Bad Brad Blog

I've had 4 and a half days of recovery from my knee surgery and above is the one incision I've been willing to peek at under my bandage. Somthing that has bothered me more than my knee has been my throat. I noticed right after my surgical anestesia wore off that my upper chest and back of my throat hurt and it hurt to swallow. I also kept feeling like the pain pills I were taking were getting stuck in my throat. Turns out half of my uvula was like callaused and hard making it feel like a pill on my toungue every so often.

When I was knocked out during surgery they told me I would stop breathing and a tube would be put in me. I thought it was normal procedure but now others don't think so. Anyone else have info on this practice of tubing the patient?

Anyhow I see my doc tomorrow and I'll be asking him this question and more.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

So I had arthoscopic surgery on my right knee last thursday. Unfortunately they found out my ACL is completly torn and could not just repair it. My doctor did repair my meniscus and shave off some parts that were flapping around in my joint.

The recovery really sucks. Cant walk around and lots of pain. I dont think my doctor perscribed enough pain meds. For my 400lb body I have the same prescription as Vanessa's 100lb sister after her surgery. So instead im taking the lortabs at a faster rate.

surgery sucks.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

ok 2nd post. I'm back from my trip to Oklahoma. Man that's a long drive. the round-trip took 4 full 10 hour days of driving. we shared the driving and spent a day in Albuquerque there and back so the driving wasnt so continuous. We got plenty of pictures and memories. we also picked up some super indian fireworks and petrified wood bookends from Arizona.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Just Started my Blog

Yes! Yes! oh I've got a blog, how wonderful. Now im just like all my friends. I started this blog because I've been sitting at my computer getting my things in order for my drive to Oklahoma this week. Hope I can blog from my cell phone with this service.