Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Donovan seems to have lots of fun at his daycare. He now starts singing and dancing a variety of songs he learns there. Twinkle Twinkle LIttle Star, Wheels on the Bus Go Round, ABCs, and Itsy Bitsy Spider are his main favorites. He just got a new teacher that seems to be a foriegn national. I hope language is not a barrier for her to continue the songs.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Voting Time

Here's the ballot questions:

I plan on voting on them as follows, anyone have insight on why I should vote differently than this?

1. Amend constitution for legislature to fund schools before rest of budget.
No, just a complete waste.

2. Amend constitution to on public use of emminent domain/
No, added too much crap to this and will hurt our city and prop values

3. thrown out

4. Preserve right to smoke in casinos, gaming areas, bars etc.
Yes, keeps our freedom to smoke

5. Prohibit smoking in restaurant bars and other places
No, takes away our freedoms

6. Raise minimum wage
No, as much as I like inflation, this would just push me closer to earning minimum wage instead of causing inflation.

7. Amend statutes to regulate, sale and tax marijuana
Yes, will reduce crime, move drug profits from criminals to state income, and increase our freedoms (prolly boost our tourism)

8. Allow full tax credit for Vehicle trade-ins and allow credit for farm machienery
Yes, less taxes for those who trade in... kinda on the fence on this one (I dont like the farm part)

9. Convert the Board of regents from 12 elected to 9 appointed
Yes, either appointed or elected we're gonna have the same bucnh of clowns. At least this way we'll have less of them.

10. Allow special sessions of legilature be called by the legislature instead of just the gov.
No, less special sessions the better I'd think

11. Pay legislators more for the 120 day session
No, Come on, like paying these bastards any more will get us better lawmakers.. puhleeze

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

strange night

today started out normal enough. Got a reluctant donovan out of bed and off to school and myself to work. on my way home I see a car on the craig/95 off-ramp engulfed in flames as the firetruck is arriving.

so then around 7:30pm as I'm getting ready for LOST, we get a call from vanessa's mom who had just been attacked by a couple of pit bulls while she was walking her dogs. So instead of a night of relaxing TV, we transported one of her heavily wounded dogs to the animal ER. her other dog "Little bit" a dachshund, was killed. Some good samaritans helped get the pit bulls away by shoving a broomhandle down the lead dogs throat. In the scuffle 3 people got bit by the dogs.

Now we're here in the people ER where V's mom is being checked out. gonna have to download lost. anyone want to watch it this weekend?