Thursday, May 23, 2013

Solar Powered Heater!

Constructed this solar heater based on the following data I found on the internet.

I figure in our climate I get more like around 1kW from each of the receptors.  Additionally I was able to utilize some of the corner space pulling in more polyethylene than the original poster.  (about 5-10 feet extra per coil).  I designed around the Intelliflo 011018 pump which I have had purchased and installed amid this upgrade.

Total cost of project <$400 USD.  Cheapest installation option I found out there was $3000.  20 hours of personal labor worth $2600.

There are easy attachment points for 2 additional receptors for a total of 10.  I may add the last two as weather gets colder.  I am sure I will shut down during the hottest months so I dont get my pool too warm!